Dress Code

The Laredo Country Club has adopted a dress code that upholds the expectations of a fine country club while also acclimating to today’s more casual style. Each member is responsible for observing the dress code and for informing his/her family and guests prior to their arrival at the club. Management and staff have the sole authority to determine if dress complies with the Dress Code. Disreputable clothing is NOT allowed on club premises at any time.

Dining and Bar Areas: The following items are not permitted in dining and bar areas (with the exception of the 19th hole):
  • Cleats                   · Cut-offs
  • Tank tops             · Head wear on men
  • Running shorts
Formal Rooms: Business casual attire must be worn at all times in formal rooms.
  • Collared Shirts/ Polo
  • Slacks/ Khakis
The Grille and Main Bar Dining Areas: Club casual is permitted in these areas.
  • Appropriate Jeans/ Slacks
  • Collared Shirts/ Polo
  • NO athletic attire or shorts will be permitted after 5:00 pm in The Grille and/or Main Bar on weekends (Friday-Sunday).
Golf Course: The following dress code shall be maintained while playing golf or using the driving range
  • Men must wear collared shirts
  • Women may wear sleeveless blouses
  • Golf shoes or other shoes approved by the Pro Shop must be worn when golfing
 The following items are not permitted on the Golf Course or Driving Range:
  • Men may not wear tank, sleeveless, or T-shirts
  • No swimming trunks, gym shorts or cut off jeans
  • No denim shorts or jeans
Tennis Court Attire: The following dress code shall be maintained while using the tennis facilities:
  • Only regulation tennis shoes that will not mark courts are permitted
  • Regulation tennis tops, shorts, and skirts for ladies and girls
  • Regulation tennis shorts and shirts (including tasteful short sleeved T-shirts) for men and boys
 The following items are not permitted on the tennis courts: 
  • Street clothes              · Aerobic wear
  • Swimsuits                   · Leotards
  • Tank tops                    · Jean shorts
  • Visible sports bras
The Laredo Country Club appreciates the cooperation of all its members.