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Membership Director

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On behalf of the Board of Governors, Membership, & staff of the Laredo Country Club, we welcome you to apply for membership at one of the finest Country Club facilities in South Texas. 
Below are the following membership categories.  The initiation fee is a onetime fee.
A $250 Application Fee applies and will be credited towards the initiation fee, if approved.

Membership Categories

Membership Application

Guaranty Agreement (For Corporate Applicants Only)

Membership Checklist

State Sales Tax of 8.25% is added to all membership fees. The Dining Amenity includes banquet facilities. 
*Pricing subject to change. *Based on Availability on a first come first serve basis.
Junior upgrade applies at the difference between initiation fees at the time of application between a Regular and Junior membership.

*Note:  The Social and House Membership is at full capacity.  You may still apply and you will be placed on a waiting list.

If you would like a tour we can schedule an appointment.
To apply please submit the attached application, a photo (applicant, spouse, and children), and submit with at least 3 letters of recommendation from active members of the club.  These are your sponsors on the application.
Items listed above can be submitted by email to gaby@laredocountryclub.net

The recommendation letters need to give relevant information about the applicant and his/her family, to include, but not limited to, the following:
· How well and how long have you known the applicant?
· What social contact have you had with the applicant?
· What are your business relations with the applicant?
· How well and how long have you known the spouse of the applicant?
· Any information you can provide about the children of the applicant?
· Have the applicant and spouse visited the club?

For Corporate applicants please submit the above with the attached Guaranty Agreement. Club privileges are only for one designated user and immediate family (spouse and children 24 years & under). 
Guest may use the account with a guest card (guest fees and limits may apply).
All information will be subject to recommendation from the Membership Committee and approval from the Board of Governors. 
The Membership Committee meets every third Wednesday of the month so please submit all information before.

Laredo Country Club Dress Code

Should you have any questions please contact:


Gaby Martinez 

Membership Director

(956) 764-7602